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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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return to the bay area, we en tend to hold everybody everyone accountable. >> reporter: jasmine accepted a plea bargain this morning, plead nothing contest to misdemeanor battery for biting a worker at a florida rehab facility. her attorneys took aim at the richmond police department. suggesting they tampered with the witness by allegedly helping arrange her stay there. >> it is our understanding that the richmond police department and in particular the leadership of that department engaged in communication with a local agency here and brought her here under false pretenses. >> the city's role was in working with the victim and the family. >> reporter: richmond's city manager insists, the city didn't pay for guap's florida rehab and doesn't know who suggested she go there. >> i want her to know that the city of richmond, richmond police department, supports her
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as a victim of crime. >> there is no reason or rhyme at all for why she is here in stuart, florida. >> reporter: the district attorney says jasmine is the key witness and expects her to testify against seven bay area police officers who face charges. but tonight the young woman's focus is getting home. >> jasmine is glad to be free and wants to go home. and we're going home. >> reporter: we are told jasmine will return to the way area sometime this evening. we are told she will receive immediate -- immediately receive support services at an undisclosed location. her attorneys are expected to address the bay area media sometime tomorrow morning. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jasmine was a minor when she became embroiled in the sex scan tal implicating officers. oakland's police department began investigating last year,
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following an officer's suicide. the scandal broke wide open in may when reports emerged linking her to officers in richmond, livermore and the contra costa county sheriff's department. so far, 12 oakland officers face discipline or it termination. 11 richmond officers have been investigated. to former east bay sheriff's deputies face criminal charges and one officer from livermore. our coverage continues online. go to our website to watch the raw video from today's news conference in florida. it's posted right now on the controversial football player to speak on campus and now he's paying the price. a school superintendent in the east bay could lose his job tonight. superintendent stan dobbs came under fire for inviting former 49er, ray mcdonald, to a school assembly. mcdonald was facing charges of sexual abuse when he spoke at tennyson high school last year. michelle roberts joins us from hayward. what's the plan tonight?
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>> reporter: a public meeting just started a few minutes ago. it's a very good turnout. dozens of people inside. many are expecting to speak. first it will be open to public comment, then closed session where a vote is expected. >> we're not here to fire anyone. we're here to do what's best for the kids. we will take action on items that are best for the kids. >> reporter: tonight, luis rain oso and other school board members will review a three-month-long investigation surrounding stan dobbs. the superintendent has been on paid administrative leave since june, due to his involvement in the decision to allow san francisco 49er ray mcdonald to speak to at-risk students at tennyson high school last year. mcdonald has been accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault. the students were not made aware of mcdonald's criminal history before his motivational speech. the board will review a violent outburst that took place during a board meeting in september last year. tons is accused of getting into
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a fight which led some trustees to file a police report. tonight more than 300 people have signed a petition in support of dobbs. many credit him for increased test scores and higher graduation rates in the ticket. >> so he's been this solid force that's been invested and passionate about our students and our community. >> reporter: dobbs has denied any wrongdoing, but he didn't have a comment about tonight's meeting. reporting live in hayward, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. the man arrested for attempted kidnapping in san jose appeared in court today. david lee russell is a convicted sex offender, use accused of trying to kidnap two young women. according to the deputy public defender, some witnesses in the case are about to leave california. the district attorney has asked they be examined before this case moves forward. now to decision 2016. chest x-rays and prescriptions part of a medical history released today by hillary
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clinton's campaign. among the documents, details of her recent pneumonia diagnosis. it's in the right lung, noncontagious, and she's taking antibiotics. other medical details include a previous ear infection and her doctor analyzed her mental health, calling it excellent. she goes back on the campaign trail tomorrow. donald trump sat down with dr. oz today and released some of his medical results on the talk show. the conclusion, he's a bit overweight at 267 pounds and takes a staten for cholesterol control. later in flint, michigan, trump toured the water plant, the site of an ongoing contamination crisis. his speech was interrupted when he criticized hillary clinton. he vowed to help if elected to the white house. leaked e-mails from former secretary of state colin powell called donald trump a national disgrace and criticized hillary clinton for trying to equate her own e-mail practices with his.
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the e-mails first reported by buzzfeed news and powell tells nbc news that hackers, have, quote, a lot more of his e-mails. senator barbara boxer says trump's hard line on immigration contradicts his modeling. the san francisco based magazine mother jones quotes foreign models who claim they work for trump model management while on tourist visas, illegal. one former model says she was constantly afraid, knowing she was in the country illegally. senator boxer also cited reports that trump's agency exploited the women by not paying the prevailing wage and not paying for them working at trump-sponsored events. it's opening night for the big show under the big white top. the high-profile queequestrian w has set up shop in downtown san jose. but another sideshow is breaking out. nbc bay area's day monday
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trujillo joins us with local complaints. >> reporter: the show gets under way at 8:00 tonight and at least one resident here says this very big show has given him one very big headache for weeks. this is what residents have the legacy fountain plaza apartments say they have had to deal with. >> it's inconvenient, certainly a bit unsafe. >> reporter: he says he's had several near hits getting out of his apartment while dodging trucks hauling equipment. the massive production. >> my guess is sort of the shortstop thinking was, hey, it's an empty lot, near an apartment building, they're just renters, they won't care. >> we're a little surprised. >> reporter: the marketing director held two community meetings to hear residents' concerns. >> we invited neighbors within
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1,000 feet to attend the meeting and we explained essentially how we're going to do, what we're going to do, the times, dates, the kind of impact to be had, parking. traffic. >> reporter: he says customers will park in the social services agency garage on julian street and shuttled into the big tent. the company says they have tried to be as transparent and cooperative as possible, even making sure the big speakers inside point away from the neighborhood. the show will be in that neighborhood through the end of october. >> reporter: and residents say the big test will be tonight when the show opens for the first time at 8:00. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. we have seen homeless encampment in san francisco torn down this year and it's about to happen again. i'm stephanie chuang live with the mission. and what's new to keep the homeless off the streets. the wife of vice president joe biden visits the bay area to
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talk about making college more accessible to all students. i'm marianne favro. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff raininierran. right now it's 76, but tracking hotter 90s. more details in a few minutes. oakland police are investigating
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a homicide, not far from the oakland police investigating a homicide not far from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. we brought the story this morning. officers found a man in a car around 430 this morning. he had been shot. the victim has not been identified and so far police have not revealed a motive. it's a new push to clean up the streets of san francisco. the homeless now have a couple of weeks before police and public works crews go in and move them out. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in the mission district of san francisco. and stephanie, we have seen this before. how will this be different? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, janelle. we do know that there is a new department of homelessness, just three weeks old. but it says it's been experimenting with humanely new ways to clean out these sort of encampments, blocked a little bit here by traffic. but this is near 16th street on folsom. even the people seeking help here have their doubts.
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richard pressley is new to this section of folsom street. he says two weeks ago, he was kicked out of a different spot again. >> the cops and people want us to move. >> reporter: people keep moving you around. >> yeah. >> reporter: from places like division street, where hundreds of tents popped up when the city declared the encampment a danger to public health. public works crews took them down, but first outreach teams order offered help, shelters and jobs and housing services at the navigation center, which the city says has placed a few hundred people into permanent housing since march. the city is hoping that can happen here in the mission. >> some time next month, we're looking at having our crews at public works go in and clear out the encampments. we want to do this methodically with a lot of sensitivity. >> reporter: and the city adds, it's working on bringing more permanent housing solutions, including three new buildings set to house up to 300 of the most vulnerable homeless on the
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streets by the end of the year. >> i don't want to set up the expectation that there will never be a homeless person in the mission again or that tents won't happen or reappear. but the current situation is unsustainable. >> reporter: the city says it is pouring more money into the problem, more resources and has the numbers to prove that the plans are working and we'll have those details coming up tonight at 6:00. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> stephanie, thank you. a price hike for airbnb. it will cost more to hent out your home in san francisco. the city is increasing registration fees for short term rental hosts. right now hosts pay $50 every two years. but that will jump to $250. san francisco muni trains may soon be going the way of b.a.r.t. with more reliable phone service. for years, you might know this, b.a.r.t. riders have enjoyed a solid cellular network underground. on muni, not so much. the board of supervisors is considering a plan to boost cell
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phone coverage through a collaboration with b.a.r.t. and using its existing cellular network. a push for local education by dr. jill biden. the vice president's wife made a special trip to the south bay today. nbc bay area's marianne favro live in san jose with details of her pitch to make community college free for qualified students. marianne. >> reporter: well, janelle, dr. jill biden met with technology leaders and educators this afternoon here at netflix. she's an educator herself, taught for more than 30 years and right now a community college professor. and today she called education the great equalizer. dr. jill biden met with and shook hands with educators and business leaders in san jose today. she is hoping they'll support president obama's america's promise initiative. to provide free community college tuition for students in need. >> it's all about jobs. and it's all about having the best educated work force in the
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world. >> reporter: a similar program is already working in oakland. >> we sent 300 oakland public school students off to college with $2.5 million in scholarships, and all with an individual mentor who is going to give them the social and emotional support to get through college. >> reporter: and san jose city college has started a pilot promise program that has helped about a dozen students pay for tuition. including claire guzman, about to graduate with a degree in biology from uc davis. san jose is now hoping to expand that program in order to help even more students, but it will cost about $2.5 million. so the idea is for the city to partner with private companies in order to make that happen. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. it's a first of its kind ban
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in the country. governor brown has signed a new law that prevents captive orca breeding. whales can no longer be used for entertainment. the law takes effect next june and any company caught violating it could face a fine of up to $100,000. back in march, seaworld announced plans to halt its breeding program and killer whale shows. jeff ranieri is with us. i was having lunch at the ballpark today in a suit. i needed shorts and a t-shirt. this looked spectacular. >> simply stunning across the bay area, the coastline or interior valleys, as we head closer to fall, temperatures are going to be getting hotter. we'll talk about 9s here in a second. speaking of fall, check out this viewer photo coming in, letting us know the colors are beginning to appear in san rafael, and it's the less amount of daylight that signals the plants in the trees to begin to store their energy. and as those plants and trees
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store their energy, it then in turn creates these beautiful fall colors. remember, you can tweet us your photos or send them to us at ic at beautiful, beautiful sight. as we get you outside right now to our sky camera network and current temperatures, up to the north bay right now. santa rosa, 76 degrees, dropping into the 60s fast. by the 7:00 p.m. hour tonight. and then we'll bring you on down here to the east bay. waln walnut creek, warm with 81. and we'll see 70s throughout 6:00 and 7:00 and eventually a quick cooloff to 60s by 8:00 p.m. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, we begin cool in the north bay with 52 degrees and a few clouds. fog back for san francisco. and we'll find here the coastal fog as well for the peninsula and south bay begins pretty easy tomorrow here with 54 degrees. the largest change we continue to see is this trough of low pressure. that brought temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average, especially on sunday and monday.
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now continuing to move off towards the east. so it's all about this building ridge of high pressure off shore. this looks like it's going to stay parked out here across the pacific, the next six days. so as you'll see in the scrolling seven-day forecast, this eventually will push temperatures into the 90s. of i don't think it's going to get that hot for tomorrow, but certainly warmer than we have been used to. you see here across the south bay, 85 degrees in morgan hill for san jose 83. throughout the peninsula, cold weather at the beaches. nothing out of the ordinary. 61 at half moon bay, but head away from the ocean breeze, palo alto up to 79. and san francisco, we'll get as warm as 69 in the financial district. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, no 90s tomorrow. looks like topping out at 85 in livermore and 82 in pleasanton. oakland winning out really with some of the best weather as you get some of the heat from the interior valleys and bay breeze at 75 degrees. over to fremont, 81. and up towards the north bay, 76
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in mill valley and hotter across the great vines in napa at 84 degrees. the extended forecast. milder 70s coming into san francisco by sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. that also equates to hotter weather inland as we look ahead towards fall beginning next week. you'll see we go from the average of 85 tomorrow up to 90 on sunday. stay with the low 90s through tuesday and then drop off to 87 on wednesday. so raj, i would say keep the shorts out, leave the suit in the closet. you've got to wear it for work. >> if we could just come to work in shorts, that would be good. >> i know. up next, another tesla accident. the deadly crash that's racing new safety questions about its autopilot feature. plus, raising awareness. caitlyn jenner's new ally on capitol hill and the fight for lgbt rights. of ==reveal==
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surveillance video of a wom . happening now on our twitter feed, surveillance video of a woman's louis vuitton bag catching fire. it happened after an e cigarette exploded. her $2,000 purse also destroyed. and forbes released its yearly list of highest paid tv actresses. sophia verifyi sophia vergara for the fifth year in a row. a carjacking in san francisco
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ended in a police chase near at&t a carjacking in san francisco ended in a police chase near at&t park. police say they got a call about a carjacking on geary billion dollars in the richmond district around 3:30 a.m. after officers spotted the car, the driver sped away. that car ultimately, as you can see here, crashed into a light pole on second and king, right near the ballpark. police arrested the driver and two passengers. more questions for tesla and its autopilot software. did it lead to a deadly crash in china? the family of a driver has filed a lawsuit against the palo alto-based car company. tesla said in a statement, it's investigating the crash. however, because of the damage to the vehicle, no logged data was sent to tesla's servers, so as of right now, there is no way of knowing if the autopilot feature was involved. safety concerns surfaced over the autopilot feature in may in
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florida. that involved a tesla. the feature malfunctioned and killed the driver. a new shipping route will link china and vietnam to oakland while promising new jobs for the bay area. the route starts in november and will likely make weekly stops at the port of oakland. that means an additional 50 vessels annually to the port. port officials say the move could lead to more cargo handling jobs, merchandise, such as clothing and electronic equipment are expected to ship in from china and vietnam, while california produce is expected to be shipped out. and another welcome sight for the port of oakland today. a cargo ship going under the golden gate bridge. the korean container carrier filed for bankruptcy in late august, and stopped taking cargo. the ships were idling in the water for weeks while the company sought protection from creditors. the company is reportedly billions of dollars in debt. this latest ship you see here is carrying about 450 containers to be unloaded in oakland.
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a surprise visit today to capitol hill by caitlyn jenner. the gold medalist and reality tv star was in washington, d.c., to raise awareness about lgbt issues. she also met with south florida congresswoman, illiana ross lehton lehtonen, whose son is transgender. she became the third republican in congress to co sponsor the equality act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the civil rights act of 1964. >> okay. still ahead, we have the need for speed. an up-close look at this weekend's indycar championship in sonoma. >> really up close. stay with us.
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==take vo== nbc bay area responds to a viewer's tonight at 6:00, tired of the overdraft fees? nbc bay area responds to a viewer's complaint about bounced checks. the tips you should know to save money. that story and more tonight at 6:00. and finally here at 5:00, our hair might be a little wind-blown. >> that's happening. >> michelle's more than mine. our commute to work -- did you have fun? >> i did have a lot of fun.
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>> our commute to work was fast. check out our ride. an indycar. the indycars are racing in sonoma this weekend. but today it was janelle -- >> and you. >> that's you in there first. zipping our nbc bay area studios. that's janelle in there. this car can go 240 miles per hour. we went about 190 miles per hour? >> i think i went about 45. >> oh, the camera! >> that's me in a convertible. i loved it. >> everyone was looking -- the cars will be picking up jeff for dinner. >> oh! >> this is to promote the grand prix of sonoma happening this weekend at the sonoma raceway. the championship on sunday. >> a race weekend. it was really fun driving because everyone is looking at you like oh, my gosh, that's an indycar. >> was there a cop behind you guys? >> might be. >> my -- >> we had like an entourage. >> my rear is end is a little sore. >> it was fun.
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>> lester holt is next with "nbc nightly news." >> bye, folks. breaking news tonight -- health revelations, new details released late today about hillary clinton's pneumonia diagnosis. and our exclusive interview with tv's dr. oz, what donald trump told him about his own health. hack attack. leaked e-mails from colin powell that include scathing takes on both trump and clinto and a new warning to key democrats that their cybersecurity has been breached. tropical trouble, millions under flash flood alerts, a dangerous system lashing part of the country with heavy rains. road ready? we go for a ride in the first american city to get a self-driving fleet of cars. are they safe? and new cancer weapon, a less painful test that can be almost four times more effective than mammograms alone. "nightly news" begins


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